Declaration of Independence Takes a Cruise

Posted on Sunday, July 5, 2009 |
It was the Fourth of July on Saturday, and in celebration, a "touring copy" of the founding document of the United States of America was last week taken aboard the Coral Princess, which is currently cruising Alaskan waters...

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Princess Brings Rare Original Copy of the Declaration of Independence to Juneau; First Time Historic Document Has Visited Alaska
Celebrating the Fourth of July and Alaska's 50th anniversary of statehood, Princess Cruises showcased a rare, original copy of the United States of America's founding document aboard Coral Princess Thursday during an onboard reception with local dignitaries and special guests...

... The document was aboard Coral Princess to give passengers the unique opportunity to view the only traveling copy of the Declaration of Independence. This rare document is being showcased to more than 17,000 passengers aboard all eight Princess ships visiting Juneau during Independence week, July 1-8.

The historic document is one of an estimated 200 original broadside copies (about the size of a sheet of newspaper) printed by John Dunlap in Philadelphia in 1776 after it was drafted by Thomas Jefferson, to distribute across the colonies and to King George in England. This copy's current journey began in 1989 when a Pennsylvania shopper bought a frame at a flea market for $4.00. Later, while inspecting a tear in the back of the painting, he discovered a piece of paper wedged between the frame and painting. He pulled it out and uncovered what would soon be authenticated as the 25th remaining copy of the Declaration of Independence. (Source:

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