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Posted on Monday, September 14, 2009 |
New Zealand Cruises
Diamond Princess is a regular visitor to Australia and New Zealand -- as are the Dawn Princess and Sun Princess (pictured. And now that those latter two ships are permanently based in Australia, they have made some changes to better serve Australian and New Zealand travellers. The onboard currency is Australian Dollars, the wine list is made up of NZ and Australian wines, the shows have a down under vibe going on, and there are increased numbers of NZ and Australian crew onboard. The Pacific Sun makes regular runs to Noumea and Fiji.

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Some of the best sales at the moment include:
  • 28 nights on the Dawn Princess circumnavigating Australia, departing 18/11/09 (up to 53% off cabins)
  • Bounty Discovery - departs Auckland 24/03/2010 for 10 nights aboard the Pacific Sun, taking in Norfolk Island, Noumea, Ouvea, Vila and Mystery island (up to 53% off cabins)
  • Hawaiian Discovery -- 35 nights aboard the Dawn Princess, departing 03/04/2010 from Sydney and taking in Tonga, Cook Islands, French Polynesia, Samoa and Fiji (up to 74% off cabins)
Video: Some great footage in this promo from Princess Cruises about Australia - New Zealand cruises. If you're from NZ or the Lucky Country you'll find the place name pronunciation hilarious!

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