John Key Announces New Cruises for Auckland

Posted on Monday, October 26, 2009 |
Cruises AucklandA new cruise liner is due to Auckland over the 2010 summer season and it's estimated that it will bring in an additional $3 million.

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New Zealand PM John Key announced in October that P&O Cruises would launch its 1800-passenger super liner, Pacific Pearl, in Auckland in December 2010 and use it as a base for a six-cruise summer season:

“This is a big vote of cruise ship market. It also shows that the Government’s commitment to build a cruise ship terminal at Queens Wharf is a worthy investment in the tourism industry,” said Mr Key.

“The cruise industry is of huge value to both national and regional tourism markets, with each visit contributing around $500,000 through port fees, stores and passenger spending.

“Having the Pacific Pearl based out of Auckland can only enhance an industry that is already worth $174 million annually.” (Source: NBR)
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Video: Pacific Sun sailaway

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