Celebrity Century coming Spring 2011!

Posted on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 | 0 comments
In Nov 2011, the stunning Celebrity Century will make her debut in Australasian waters, becoming the region’s highest rated cruise ship*. Celebrity Century will sail a range of 12 – 18 night cruises from Honolulu, Auckland, Sydney and Fremantle. Itineraries will be released in the coming weeks and due to go on sale on Fri 30 Jul with an exclusive early booking offer.
*Berlitz Guide to Cruising 2010

Onboard Credit

Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 | 1 comments
What is onboard credit? And why do some cruises receive it and others do not?

If you look on on websites you will notice that many cruises have a bonus internet offer of onboard credit. This means that when you board the ship your onboard account is automatically credited for the amount shown on the website. It can be used to pay for any onboard expenditure including shore excursions, duty free shopping, or fixing up your bar account. The credit is there to be spent and any onboard credit not used is non refundable. It is also important to note that no vouchers are issued by the cruise line for onboard credit, instead it is just applied to your account.

So why do some cruises have it and others don't? The cruise lines allow us select cruises that we want the onboard credit on and we are limited in the number we can select. However because we are a cruise specialist and big sellers this is acknowledged by the cruise lines and they allow us to select more cruises than your regular retail travel agency.

Also look our for our "cruise sale weeks". We can have a maximum of six cruise sale weeks a year and during a cruise sale week all P&O and Sun and Dawn Princess cruises 7 nights or more receive onboard credit of up to $100. If the cruise already receives onboard credit then this is additional to that making for fantastic value.

High demand for QM2 Circumnavigation Cruise

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Congratulations to those of you who were lucky enough to secure a cabin on one of the three QM2 Circumnavigation Cruises that went on sale yesterday. Within an hour most cabin categories had sold out on this historic voyage and by the end of the day the Fremantle and Adelaide departures were completely sold out. To give you an idea of the demand for this cruise when our office called Cunard at 5 minutes to 9am ( it went on sale at 9am) we were on hold for 30 minutes before our call was answered.

It will be interesting to see in the next few days how many of the cabins held will become deposited reservations, however I am sure they will get snapped up as soon as they are released and the cruise goes on sale to the general public.

One thing that is for certain Cunard will repeat this cruise again in the future. There aren't many cruises that can sell out 18 months in advance!

Guarantee Cabins

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What does means when a cabin is on guarantee status? A question we are often asked as the cruise lines seem to be offering guarantee cabins more and more these days.

When a cabin is on guarantee it means no cabin number can be selected at the time of booking and the cruise line guarantees you the cabin category booked or higher. There is a strong possibility of an upgrade, however where they place you is at the cruise lines discretion and changing a cabin number after it has been allocated is hard to do.

So why are so many cabins going on guarantee status? The cruise lines do this when they need to fill a cruise and they will over sell a lead-in cabin grade (lead-in means cheapest price) and upgrade people into higher cabin categories. It also happens when there are only a few cabins left in a cabin category so an upgrade is not guaranteed.

If you do book a cabin on guarantee you must be prepared to take a cabin located anywhere onboard the ship, so a guarantee cabin is not advisable if you are traveling in a group or if you have a specific preference to where you are located. If these factors are not important to you then you can quite often get a very good deal.