Guarantee Cabins

Posted on Thursday, July 8, 2010 |
What does means when a cabin is on guarantee status? A question we are often asked as the cruise lines seem to be offering guarantee cabins more and more these days.

When a cabin is on guarantee it means no cabin number can be selected at the time of booking and the cruise line guarantees you the cabin category booked or higher. There is a strong possibility of an upgrade, however where they place you is at the cruise lines discretion and changing a cabin number after it has been allocated is hard to do.

So why are so many cabins going on guarantee status? The cruise lines do this when they need to fill a cruise and they will over sell a lead-in cabin grade (lead-in means cheapest price) and upgrade people into higher cabin categories. It also happens when there are only a few cabins left in a cabin category so an upgrade is not guaranteed.

If you do book a cabin on guarantee you must be prepared to take a cabin located anywhere onboard the ship, so a guarantee cabin is not advisable if you are traveling in a group or if you have a specific preference to where you are located. If these factors are not important to you then you can quite often get a very good deal.

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