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Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 |
What is onboard credit? And why do some cruises receive it and others do not?

If you look on on websites you will notice that many cruises have a bonus internet offer of onboard credit. This means that when you board the ship your onboard account is automatically credited for the amount shown on the website. It can be used to pay for any onboard expenditure including shore excursions, duty free shopping, or fixing up your bar account. The credit is there to be spent and any onboard credit not used is non refundable. It is also important to note that no vouchers are issued by the cruise line for onboard credit, instead it is just applied to your account.

So why do some cruises have it and others don't? The cruise lines allow us select cruises that we want the onboard credit on and we are limited in the number we can select. However because we are a cruise specialist and big sellers this is acknowledged by the cruise lines and they allow us to select more cruises than your regular retail travel agency.

Also look our for our "cruise sale weeks". We can have a maximum of six cruise sale weeks a year and during a cruise sale week all P&O and Sun and Dawn Princess cruises 7 nights or more receive onboard credit of up to $100. If the cruise already receives onboard credit then this is additional to that making for fantastic value.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing this up Ryan. It is often confusing as to why some cruises get onboard credit and others don't. I booked next cruise during a cruise sale week so I have $300 onboard credit on that cruise next year. That should get me a few lemonades..

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