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Posted on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 |
Australasia has it's first female cruise ship captain- Sarah Breton. She is one of only 3 women in the role worldwide, breaking into what is predominantly a boy's club. Men rule the waves down under no longer!

Sarah, from Essex in the UK, has been a captain with P&O since 2010, and will take command of the Pacific Pearl in July. She has, according to P&O Australia's CEO Ann Sherry, worked her way up- she has been with P&O since 1989.

Photo by Barbara Slavin Flickr Creative Commons
Captaincy is traditionally considered a man's domain

Sarah will not be the only female with authority on the Pacific Pearl- Cruise Director Zoltina J Medwick-Daley; Hotel Director Jane Herren and Admin and Revenue Director Martina Damonte will form part of the team that runs the ship. An impressive group of women!

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