New Initiative for Shore Tours

Posted on Thursday, July 21, 2011 |
Australian-based Shore Excursions is a new company which will offer alternatives to shore trips organised by the cruise lines. Set up by a former Carnival Australia director, it aims to end the monopoly that the lines have on shore tours and offer options to passengers.

Photo by Richard Taylor Flickr Creative Commons

Vanutatu and New Caledonia have been identified as places in need of alternative tours. An example on the website is a AUD$28 pp/$14 child sightseeing tour of noumea, which takes in all the sights from a bus over 1.5 hours. There is a wide range of activities- amongst them, 4wd eco tours and theme park transfers, spelunking and wineries in Australia, tours of villages and rainforests in Fiji, sightseeing, adventure tourism and helicopter rides in New Zealand and nature, scuba and sailing in Vanuatu

Is it a threat to the Cruise Lines? managing Director Michael Ager says the aim of the company is not to attack the lines but simply to offer alternatives.

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