Royal Caribbean gives backstage passes

Posted on Thursday, July 7, 2011 |
Bridge by Paranoidnotandroid Flickr Creative Commons

Royal Caribbean has introduced a new offering for passengers- the All Access Tour, which for $150 per person will take you to the bridge, galley, behind the scenes in the theatre, the engine control room and other parts of the ships usually off-limits to passengers. The tour group will also have the opportunity to meet key staff and learn what it takes to deliver the cruise experience.

Safety concerns have in the past kept behind the scenes areas strictly off-limits to non-crew members- especially after the 9/11 attacks. However in the last 4 years Princess and Carnival Cruises have introduced similiar all-access tours. All tour groups are closely supervised by security!

Princess Cruises debuted in February this year a new initiative called the Bon Voyage Experience, which harks back to the days of trans-atlantic voyages when families of passengers would come on board to see them off. This was scrapped a long time ago, again due to tightening security, but has been brought back. The 'Experience,' priced at $39 dollars, allows guests onboard to check out the ship on sailing day, and includes a 4 course lunch and tour. The cost of the tour can be put towards a future Princess cruise. Passengers are farewelled in style, and Princess promotes its ships to their families. Everyone wins!

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