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Food on a cruise ship was once regarded as being chosen for quantity over quality- if you went on a cruise, you invariably came away heavier after the buffet and sun loungers. The food was plentiful and decent, but not a reason to go cruising.

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Now, gourmet food is taking a starring role in the cruise experience. Some cruises are even centered around food, with guest chefs, lectures on food and food-based shore excursions. Cuisine onboard ship can be tailored to the Line or to the destination- i.e, Cunard has daily English Tea Service. On Holland America, there is iced tea midmorning when in the Caribbean, hot chocolate served on deck for the Alaskan itineraries and there is a ceremonial Indonesian afternoon tea and coffee once per cruise.

Many Ships have eateries created by well-known chefs- Cunard has Todd English restaurants on two of it's Queens, and the menus of Crystal's Sushi Bar and Silk Road are created by Nobuyuki "Nobu" Matsuhisa. Healthy eating is an option aborad ship, with most lines providing gluten-free, low sugar, low fat and low sodium options. Guests can get hands on- Oceania Marina has a Culinary Centre in which cruisers can take cooking lessons.

Specialty dining is generally at an extra cost- but the quality of the normal service and buffet is on the rise too. So, if you're a foodie and want to see the world, a cruise is the way to go!

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Of course, no cruise is complete without fruit and/or vegetable sculptures.

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