Auckland's Wynyard Quarter

Posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 | 0 comments
Auckland by Kristina D.C Hoeppner Flickr Creative Commons

A short walk from the Cruise Ship Terminal on Princes Wharf, Auckland has redeveloped what was once an industrial area of it's waterfront, including the somewhat ugly "Tank Farm."

The Wynyard Quarter, as it is now known, is a great place for visitors to Auckland to learn a bit about the busy port that the city is based around, have lunch at one of the great new restaurants and just have a stroll along the waterfront- I did this one evening and it was a great way to spend a few hours!

The Quarter has retained some of it's industrial character, with the visitor's centre and restrooms constructed from shipping containers in a precarious-looking stack, and the old Golden Bay Cement Silo still in place overlooking the new 'Silo Park.' The restaurants are housed in redesigned sheds, and the North Wharf has retained it's working-wharf feel, with fishing boats tied alongside. There are art and sculpture installations dotted around the area, including some curious oversized sun loungers on wheels.

The development also includes the Viaduct Events Centre, which offers 8 seperate spaces for conferences, galas and exhibitons, so if you are cruising into Auckland, it will be worth finding out if anything is going on there! Trams have been reintroduced with a 15-minute track around the area, and a swinbridge connects the Quarter to Te Wero Island and Quay Street, making it a short walk to downtown Auckland and Princes Wharf.

The restaurants in the quarter are all new, and include seafood, grill, indian cuisine, pizza, kiwi favourites, sushi, a tapas bar as well as a gelateria for those pre- or post- dinner walks!

So, if you're cruising into or even out of Auckland Port, don't miss this wonderful new area. Click here for cruises from Auckland.

Author: Ryan Posa+