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Brisbane, capital of sunny Queensland and close to the Gold Coast and Surfer's Paradise, is a popular cruise port. There are two cruise ship wharves- Portside Wharf, an international-standard cruise terminal, and the Multi-User Terminal which is further down the river and accessible by the bigger ships which cannot go under the Gateway Bridge.

Brisbane and it's Winding River
by brewbooks Flickr Creative Commons

To the city centre, the options from the Multi-User terminal are taxis or arrangements (e.g shuttle buses)made by the cruise line. From the Portside Wharf, you can take the ferry from a nearby ferry terminal and see the city from the river, or a cruise line or public shuttle.

Brisbane has a lot to offer a cruise passenger- it is a relaxed and fun city in Queensland, the sun'n'surf state! To get a feel for the city, try the River Walk which follows the North Bank for 13km. A great way to stretch your legs after a sea voyage- although that doesn't really apply when your voyage was on a cruise ship! From there, what you do in the city depends on what you enjoy- the Queensland Cultural Centre is in Brisbane, home to some of the nation's leading art institutions. Nature-lovers may prefer the city's riverside Botanic Gardens, South Bank Parklands (this even has an artificial beach) or Roma Street Parklands, all oases of nature in the city.

South Bank Parklands' Artificial Beach
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There are bars and restaurants galore, and the Gold Coast with it's amusement parks and beaches is an easy day trip.

Gold Coast
by Cindy Andrie Flickr Creative Commons

For more info on the Port of Brisbane and cruises from there, click here.

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