Cruise Ships wished 'Bienvenue' in Akaroa

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The Canterbury quakes may have damaged the port of Lyttleton, but cruise passengers need not worry- they will still see the region, with their port of embarkation moving to the charming town of Akaroa on the end of the Banks Peninsula. The town and it's inhabitants are looking forward to welcoming the 80 ships which have been diverted due to the quake, and have upped the public services and entertainment, with a temporary visitor's centre, a Town Crier to greet arriving passengers, street performers, extra signage and a free shuttle route.

Ships will anchor offshore and take passengers ashore in lifeboats, where they can opt to stay in Akaroa or take a bus to Christchurch.

by Robert Young Flickr Creative Commons

So what can Akaroa offer a visitor? 84km by road from Christchurch, has a permanent population of less than 1000 but this can swell five-fold in the summer. Populated initially by french whalers, the gallic influence is still very noticeable- streets, cafes and shops have french names, and the cemetery is full of french family names. The town is known for it's lovely colonial architecture, and the activities provided by the Akaroa Harbour- take a yacht for a spin for a few hours, get paddling or slip into a wetsuit and swim with the little Hector's Dolphins.

Hector's Dolphin
by Scott Thompson Flickr Creative Commons

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