Paul Gauguin Expands Horizons

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The Tahiti based Cruise Company Paul Gauguin Cruises has long been known as a small extremely luxurious boutique cruise line. It's ship the MS Paul Gauguin has cruised French Polynesia and the South Pacific since 1998, taking it's small amount of passengers to places where larger ships dare not venture.

The company has recently bought a new ship, a 90-passenger capacity vessel which will be renamed the Moana and will sail an inaugural voyage for the cruise line in December 2012.

This is exciting news for converts of Paul Gauguin's unique style of cruising. The ship, much smaller than most cruise ships which carry thousands, will be placed in the Mediterranean during the northern hemisphere's summer and in the Caribbean and Latin America during winter. It will be able to visit smaller ports that are less jaded by masses of cruise ship passengers, and explore shallower parts that ships with a bigger draught cannot reach.

British Virgin Islands, Caribbean
by Fairphotos Flickr Creative Commons

Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean
by greenmelinda Flickr Creative Commons

Paul Gauguin is a high-end cruise line and has very high staff-to-guest and space-to-guest ratios, all-inclusive pricing, all oceanview accomodation, 24 hour room service and facilities that bring you closer to the ocean such as a 'watersports marina' in it's current vessel which brings you to sea level so you can get in a kayak or go diving, swimming or snorkelling directly from the boat.

This expansion will bring a new way of cruising to the Med and Caribbean, and is an exciting move for cruise lovers- especially those who like to take the road less travelled!

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