Townsville's Terminal Takes Off

Posted on Thursday, October 6, 2011 |
Work has begun on a new Cruise Ship terminal in Townsville, Australia. It will allow more ships to visit the area, and Townsville is hoping for growth in the city as a result of the increased cruise passenger traffic.

premier of Queensland Anna Bligh broke ground for the development, which is expected to take two years.

by Brian Giesen Flickr Creative Commons

So why would you want to stop in Townsville? a city in the state of Queensland, it deserves a spot on your Australian cruise itinerary. It is not as big a city as the other major cruise ports, so easier to get a feel for on a brief visit. Castle Hill Loukout gives a great outlook over the whole city. Townsville offers the best of North Queensland along with the best of Australia's world-class cities: idyllic beaches, a laid-back atmosphere, as well as great shopping and restaurants. If you have a day there, a great option is to visit Magnetic island, a 20-minute ferry ride from Townsville. 2/3 of this island is protected National Park and it will stun you with it's native Australian bush and beaches. Rent a scooter to explore, or use the island as a base for a diving or snorkelling trip.

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Cruises are luxury vacations I think everyone deserves. Relaxation on the sea, see many places and immersing oneself in culture is the ultimate getaway. I hope cruise deals in Townsville will happen soon. I would definitely take one!

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