Disney comes to Miami

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Disney Cruise Line has rolled out itineraries for 2013, and there is one surprise for Disney Cruise enthusiasts- the Disney Wonder will reposition at the end of 2012 to be based in Miami until May rather than L.A, where it usually sails to Hawaii and the Mexican Riviera. The move is being made due to a downturn in popularity of these cruise destinations, in favour of the Caribbean.

This is great news for Miami, and those who love the Caribbean- from PortMiami, the Disney Wonder is scheduled for a series of 4 and 5 night sailings to the western Caribbean and Bahamas. The increased tourism that cruises bring will be a lift for Miami, and make it an even more desirable spot- with its own floating Disney resort!

The Disney ships provide a magical Disney world for kids- the most child-friendly line, they will be able to visit their private custom-set up island in the Caribbean whilst sailing from Miami, adding to the Disney experience.

Disney Wonder
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Pacific Pearl Tour

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Two of us at Cruise Republic were lucky to have a tour of, and lunch on, the Pacific Pearl when she was docked in Auckland this week. As it was a disembarkation/embarkation day, during the middle hours of the day the ship was reasonably empty and we had a good look around the place, including into a few different categories of cabins.

The Atrium of the ship, where we entered, is a colourful, spacious and fun-looking area with a ground floor and 2 mezzanine levels, surrounded by duty-free shops, bars and with tables to sit at and watch the world go by. With many of the ship's facilities close by, it is a good place to meet friends and family. On the ceiling there is a bar where acrobatics can be performed if weather does not permit them to happen outside by the pool. With the 2 mezzanines and plenty of space on the ground floor, it is easy to imagine the Atrium being a great place for this, as a lot of people would fit in to see the show.

Nearby is the casino, which like the rest of the ship is primarily a cashless place- you use your cruise card to get credit to play with, and winnings can be put back on your card or given in cash if you prefer. It is up-to-date with digital poker tables and the like- a very cool place for gambling (in moderation of course).

On Deck 2, in the cool depths of the ship is Aqua, the spa and gym. Spa treatments are a little expensive, but from what we saw would be a great treat and addition to your cruise- Some examples include acupuncture- $164 for 50 mins, facials- from around $130 for 50 mins, a 75 min Seaweed wrap and massage for $215, and almost any other spa treatment you could ask for, including teeth whitening and 'The Shave of all Shaves' for men. There are also waxes, hair styling and treatments, pedicures and manicures, and an exclusive Thermal Suite with hot stone benches for back pain, a variety of showers and more. Access to this is limited and must be booked, at around $200 for a couple for a week-long cruise.The spa appeared to be very clean and fresh- a nice environment to be in, which is ideal if you have come to relax. Also, there are sparkly pillows everywhere- nice!

 One of the treatment rooms:

The gym is free for all to use and well-stocked with treadmills, exercycles, weights and other machines. Although the idea of working out on holiday may not appeal, the food we had was honestly great- so I can see how you'd feel the need for  bit of exercise!

There are several bars on the ship- the Mix Cocktail Bar, the Orient, the Dome (also a nightclub), a swim-up bar, Connexions and a bar in the adults-only Oasis. These are used for different things during the day- some just to chill out, Connexions is often used for karaoke, the Dome hosts the overflow from Bingo tournaments, and there are various live music shows. One feature that I thought particularly excellent was that there are english pub meals served at lunchtimes in the Orient- mushy peas and pie, bangers and mash and the like. What a cool idea- and it is complimentary with your cruise fare. In  the evening, the bars are venues for drinking, meeting people and having fun, often with live music. The Dome is the nightclub, and has a dance floor and great ocean views. P&O employs a lot of bartenders from the UK as they are the most skilled at the job. How's that for attention to detail!

In other entertainment news, at the forward end of Deck 7 is the Marquee Theatre, where musical productions take place- there appeared to be a good selection of shows on offer when we looked in there, and the theatre is on two levels but not huge- I could see you would be very close to the onstage action, but it would be necessary to arrive early for popular shows to get a seat. There is a mezzanine level with more seating, and a bar in case you should become dehydrated whilst taking in a show. Decorated dramatically in red and yellow, it feels like any theatre you might find on shore.

Children and teens are well catered for on the Pearl- there are fully staffed kids clubs and an area called HQ for teens. The programmes operate from 9am until 10pm with breaks where parents are required to take their children to meals, and are named Turtle Cove for 3-6 year olds and Shark Shack for 7-10 year olds. Babysitting is available for a small fee from the end of the programmes until 1am. Teen HQ and HQ+ are based in a cool hangout at the back of the ship, with great views over the wake.

The kids and teens areas looked to me like fun- they are surprisingly technology-orientated, which the young ones will love. As well as crafts, games, sports, movies and competitions, there are video games for all ages- the Teen HQ has numerous PS3s and a wii sports area, as well as a big screen for movies.The foosball table would also be a hit, I would say!


The pool deck is where you go for sunbathing, swimming and generally enjoying being outside. There are a LOT of sun loungers by the pool and on the mezzanine level above, and other decks overlooking the stern, and I was assured that there are enough that no-one needs to fight to get a spot! The pools look inviting, if a little smaller than i expected, and there is a swim-up bar in one of them. The sailaway party was being prepared for when we were there- drink stations, entertainers, acrobatics on the outdoor stage- it looked to be a good evening! Also available for peaceful sunbathing is adults-only Oasis, with more upmarket sun loungers, a bar and spa pools. This area, on deck 8, was very nice, right on the back of the ship so it would offer amazing views.

 Pool Deck:


Food- this is one of the more important parts of the cruise, and there are several options on the Pearl. First, the options which need to be paid for. Salt Grill is a top-notch restaurant by celebrity chef Luke Mangan, and requires bookings (you can only book onboard) and a $40pp cover charge. If you are a foodie, this would be worth it- a 5-course meal of this calibre would cost hundreds elsewhere. If you aren't a lover of gourmet, eat elsewhere- it is still good, and is covered in your cruise fare. The chocolate cafe on the pool deck also costs, but not too much- and it sells icecream! Room service is priced per item for the 24-hour menu, and if you want a normal meal delivered there is a delivery fee. Delivered continental breakfasts can be ordered free of charge.

There is a lot of variety should you wish to only eat what you paid for before your cruise. The main dining room on Deck 7 is called the Waterfront, and is a very nice sit-down restaurant with 3 courses. Although a big place, it does not feel like a dining hall, as it is partitioned off to form smaller, intimate areas- i found it to be a very nice place to eat. The food was very good, our waiter extremely friendly and funny, and there is a regular menu with a lot of choice, and a daily specials menu with yet more. There is a buffet restaurant called the Plantation cafe opening on to the pool area- I can't comment on the food but it looked great and the cafe was nicely decorated- nothing like a cafeteria! Also on the pool deck, in case you don't want to walk the few metres to the buffet, is the Grill which serves usual poolside fare- burgers, chips, hot dogs etc. As mentioned before, pub lunches are available at the Orient. You won't need to go too far to eat!


We were able to look at a window double/twin cabin- these have beds which can be joined or seperated depending whether you like to sleep with your roommate. These are basically the same as hotel rooms- bed/beds, a window, a desk, tv, a/c with remote control, safety deposit box, fridge, sink, shower and toilet. If you were going to be spending a lot of time in your cabin, you may want a balcony or mini-suite, but otherwise they are nice rooms, clean and sufficient for your accommodation needs! They can have beds pull out to fit four people. We did see a balcony room- the same, but with a small balcony which would be nice to sit out on in the morning or evening for a bit of privacy. There are also extra privileges that come with booking a balcony- including fresh fruit delivered daily to your cabin, priority embarkation and the goodies you find in the minibar are free (only the first lot though- not any restocking!). The largest rooms available on the Pearl are minisuites, which have extra room to spread out- a living area, bigger wardrobe area and bathroom, and of course these have the same privileges. The one we saw was lovely and would be great for a couple who wanted to splash out and have some time to chill out in their cabin.

Double with window:

Overall, I thought the Pacific pearl was a great ship: she is not a big one, however didn't feel small and poky but felt light and welcoming (apart from the hallways where the cabins are, but that is to be expected with any hotel!). She has been recently refurbished, and it shows- especially in the Teen HQ and the Waterfront restaurant, which were the two areas i was most impressed with.

Cruising after Concordia

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The incident of the Costa Concordia running onto rocks on the 13th of January was a tragedy, and our sympathy is with the victims, who number 11 at the latest count with 23 missing, and their families and friends. Let us also spare a thought for rescue workers and ordinary workers who worked tirelessly to pull people to safety and care for them onshore.

The question for many cruise lovers or those considering a first cruise after this tragedy is, "is it safe?" A valid question, and the answer is yes- as safe as it has ever been , which is often significantly safer than land based holidays. The closed community of a ship, with security in many places, is generally a secure environment. The industry is well-regulated, and crime aboard ship is usually publicised out of proportion to crime on shore. Walking around in a city is more dangerous than walking around a cruise ship! That doesn't mean to say that it is ok to throw all thought of personal safety out of the window. Do not invite strangers to your cabin, do not get blind drunk, do not linger in deserted corridors/decks at night alone, do not jump or lean over the railings. Apply common sense on a ship as you would on land. Also, be safe with your self and your belongings when on a port visit- you are more likely to be a victim there than on the ship.

by Ali West Flickr Creative Commons

As for damage to the ship- yes, this does occur, as has been evidenced in previous years and with the terrible events of this month in Italy. However, the days of not enough lifeboats for the amount of passengers are long gone. A disaster on the scale of the Titanic is very unlikely to be repeated! Statistically, ships are safer than hotels when it comes to fire and are much, much safer than driving as a way to travel- they are, as a rule and recent events aside, commanded by professionals who have done many years of study to captain a ship. Ship safety records are very good when the huge amount of sailings and passengers each year are taken into consideration. Be prepared: your responsibility as a passenger is to pay attention during the lifeboat drill and know your muster station to be prepared for the very rare eventuality of an accident.

Author: Ryan Posa+

Comfort food Chinese-Style on Crystal Serenity

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Crystal Serenity is set to add dumplings, noodles and other chinese titbits to the menu.To be served in the casual Tastes Cafe, the food will include options that you might see on any table in China.

Although the food is simple, the menu has been extensively researched, with the food and beverage team visiting dumpling and noodle restaurants across Asia and planning the sourcing of ingredients and equipment for 18 months. Although not typically gourmet, it is designed as an alternative to Crystal's trademark fine dining and will strive for authenticity under the direction of Jennifer Pei Vun Lee, a Malaysian chef.

So if you have a 'chinese takeaway' moment next time you're on a Crystal cruise- there are options available!

by avlxyz Flickr Creative Commons

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November Cruises

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Experience a Week Fantastique with P&O in November. This 7-night cruise departs from Brisbane and takes in several spots in French Polynesia.

Leaving on the 3rd of November, the Week Fantastique cruise stops first in Noumea, the capital city of New Caledonia. Enjoy french boulangeries, cafes and restaurants whilst soaking in the tropical sun. Lifou is next and is a beautiful and diverse island, with limestone caves and white sand, and teeming coral reefs beneath the waves- give snorkeling a go! In Vanuatu, the cruise visits Port Vila, a city set on a natural harbour. Here you can sit and watch the fishing boats come and go in the busy harbour or peruse the local handicraft markets.

by eGuide Travel Flickr Creative Commons

The cruise is on the Pacific Dawn, a well-loved P&O ship which is scheduled for an upgrade in April 2012 with new bars, artwork and interconnected cabins.She has all the great entertainment, dining and service as all of P&O Australia's ships, and is a favourite with her distinctive curved 'dolphin-like' profile.

For this and other great cruises in November, have a look at www.cruiseinnovember.com.

Author: Ryan Posa+

December Cruises

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This short cruise to the Bahamas in December 2012 would be great for a quick break, or as part of a longer land-based trip to get a taste of the Caribbean. It is aboard the Monarch of the Seas and departs from Port Canaveral on the 3rd of December 2012 for 4 nights at sea.

The first stop is CocoCay, an island reserved exclusively for Royal Caribbean guests. It is an oasis, with white sand and translucent waters, geared specifically towards relaxation and fun for cruisers. The other stop on this short but sweet Caribbean cruise is Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas and often recognisable by the famous Atlantic Resort. It is a pretty and colourful city, with an interesting piratical past.

by DJ Spiess Flickr Creative Commons

Nassau- Atlantis Resort
by Derek Key Flickr Creative Commons

The Monarch of the Seas offers great spa and fitness facilities, rock climbing, basketball, a video game arcade, kid's club, broadway shows, bars and lounges and much more. Along with it's 2 main dining rooms and complimentary casual restaurants, it has several specialty restaurants such as Jade, an Asian Fusion eatery.

For this and other great cruises in December, have a look at www.cruisesindecember.com.

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October Cruises

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Cruise the Eastern Caribbean in this pick of October cruises on offer. This is Royal Caribbean's main stomping ground and they do it well- this 7-night cruise aboard the Oasis of the Seas will leave you relaxed and warmed by the great Caribbean weather! Several days at sea will provide the chance to completely unwind by the pool, whilst ports of call are an added extra!

The cruise leaves from Fort Lauderdale on the 6th of October, and stops in Nassau in the Bahamas- once home to notorious pirates, now a tropical paradise. The next port is the beautiful island of Charlotte Amalie, and then experience the Dutch and French culture Caribbean-style in Philipsburg on St. Maarten.Chill out at sea for a few days before arriving back in Fort Lauderdale.

Charlotte Amalie
by Breezy Baldwin Flickr Creative Commons

The Oasis of the Seas is a floating city- the largest cruise ship in the world, and she provides endless options for entertainment including an entire deck of pools, rock climbing, basketball and more sports and activities. There are seven distinct onboard 'neighborhoods,' shows and live music galore, and great food. The Oasis is a holiday in itself!

Oasis of the Seas- view from the Crown Loft
by Paul Dickerson Flickr Creative Commons

For this and other amazing cruises in October, check out www.cruisesinoctober.com!

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August Cruises

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August really heats up in Europe, and that means that destinations that may be less than pleasant in winter are accessible- like the fjords of Norway, a truly stunning area.

P&O's Oceana will depart on the 3rd of August from Southampton for a week-long cruise amongst the rugged glacier-carved fjords and picturesque towns of Norway. The first port of call is Stavanger, where you can admire not only the scenery but the town's adorable Old Quarter with 200-year old white wooden houses. Next is Olden, nestled at the end of a stunning fjord, then on to Geiranger and Bergen where you can see the stunning Bridal Veil and Seven Sisters waterfalls and take the furnicular railway to the top of Mount Fløyen for some spectacular views.

by mcxurxo Flickr Creative Commons

Oceana is a mid-sized ship with a stunning atrium, a wide variety of bars and entertainment venues, both fixed and freedom dining, pools, sports, a golf simulator, casino and more. Her slightly smaller size means she has easy access to smaller ports in the fjords and an intimate atmosphere aboard.

For this and other cruises in August, have a look at www.cruisesinaugust.com.

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September Cruises

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For something different in September, have a look at this luxury 16-night Vancouver to Tokyo Cruise. Taking in the sights of the West and the East, it is certainly an experience  not to be forgotten!

Departing Vancouver on the 6th of September, the cruise takes in the dramatic, breathtaking landscapes of the Inside Passage and fjords of Alaska, stopping in the towns of Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Kodiak.Alaska is known for it's incredible scenery, and you won't be disappointed on this cruise. Expect deep fjords, beautiful waterfalls, amazing wildlife, and charming towns nestled in spectacular valleys. Next is an interesting cruise port- Petropavlosk on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The landscape is volcano-dotted and if you go ashore, you may see a brown bear- Kamchatka has the highest population of these worldwide. First stop in Japan is Hakodate, a city with an interesting history and very old buildings.Sendai, the city of trees, comes before Tokyo, where the cruise disembarks.

Juneau, Alaska
by Wendy Cutler Flickr Creative Commons

Hakodate, Japan
by hiroaki Flickr Creative Commons

Silversea is an all-suite, all inclusive cruise line, so any cruise with them is a luxury and an indulgence. This cruise takes place on the Silver Shadow, a ship with fewer guests, intimate service, large suites with butlers and sea views and exquisite, open-seating dining. This ship makes any cruise the cruise of a lifetime!

For this and other great cruises in September, have a look at www.cruisesinseptember.com!

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July Cruises

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July is getting into the height of summer in the northern hemisphere- so get in before the madness with this week-long port-filled cruise in the western Mediterranean.

The Liberty of the Seas leaves from Provence on the 1st of July, cruising the French Riviera to Nice, a gorgeous city, before arriving in Italy- the port of Livorno, which gives access to the incredible Florence, and the famous Pisa with it's leaning tower. If you love art, Florence is the place to be! The Eternal City of Rome is next, and needs no introduction, and then it is on to Naples, bafore heading across to Barcelona, where people flock for shopping on the Ramblas, eating and Anton Gaudi's architecture. The cruise finishes back in Provence on the 8th of July.

 Nice Harbour
by David Baron Flickr Creative Commons

Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas is the second addition to the freedom class of ships, with some unique features: a boxing ring, surf park, water park, ice skating rink, mini golf course and more. There is a spa to relax after a day in port, and a main dining room along with other complimentary casual options and specialty restaurants. There is entertainment galore- even live ice shows, and a Broadway production.

 Liberty of the Seas
by Roger Wollstadt Flickr Creative Commons

For this and other cruises in July, look at www.cruisesinjuly.com!

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June Cruises

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Experience some Island Magic on this 12-night cruise from Brisbane in from June 2 to the south pacific, a dream cruising ground. The local people and incredible beaches will make your cruise amazing.

First port of call is Port Vila, the welcoming capital of Vanuatu. Here, be sure to check out the local markets for handicrafts. The cruise then goes to Suva and Denarau in Fiji, for frangipani, beach sunsets and exotic fruits and vegetables. Next up are the picture-perfect Mystery Island and Isle of Pines, before heading back to Brisbane. Mystery Island is uninhabited, and the Isle of Pines only sparsely, making them amazing places for relaxing, swimming, and just enjoying the tropical south pacific!

 Isle of Pines
by Richard Taylor Flickr Creative Commons

The Pacific Dawn is another of P&O's friendly and laid-back Australian-targeted ships, with all you could need to keep you entertained, watered and fed!

For this and other June cruises, have a look at www.cruisesinjune.com.

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May Cruises

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May, a month in between seasons, brings all sorts of interesting cruises as the ships reposition. Although it means that the cruise starts and finishes in a different place, a repositioning cruise allows you to visit a wider variety of destinations, and spend time bafore and after your cruise on different continents! They also offer a lot of sea days, which are great for chilling out and exploring the ship.

The Mariner of the Seas repositions in May from Miami to the Mediterranean on a Transatlantic Cruise- so you can visit America and Europe in one cruise! Spend a few days in Florida before you embark, then depart on the 1st of May from Miami. The ship takes a week to cross the Atlantic, then stops at Tenerife in the Canary Islands- land of spectacular mountains and beautiful coastlines. Next is Palma de Mallorca in the Mediterannean, then the amazing city of Barcelona, where people come from all over to shop, eat and marvel at Anton Gaudi's architecture. Then enjoy the French Riviera at Nice, and Italy's beautiful cities of Florence and Pisa from the port of Livorno, finishing the cruise in Rome on the 16th of May.

 Canary Islands
by Alquiler de Coches Flickr Creative Commons

The Mariner of the Seas will provide you with things to do during your crossing- try rock climbing, mini golf, basketball, ice skating, have a go in the casino, take a dance class, read in the library, swim in the pool, jog on the jogging track, bid at an art auction or just enjoy the views of the ocean slipping past! There are themed bars and lots of live entertainment in the evenings, and kids clubs for the little ones. You won't be bored!

 Mariner of the Seas
by Prayitno Flickr Creative Commons

For this and other exciting May cruises, check out www.cruisesinmay.com!

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April Cruises

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Have a crack at the southern Caribbean in April 2012 aboard the Adventure of the Seas! Departing on the 1st of April, this cruise will take you to the best of the southern Caribbean islands.

On the list of ports is Charlotte Amalie in the U.S Virgin Islands, once home to swashbuckling pirates, pretty Basseterre on St. Kitts, and Oranjestad and Willemstad on the dutch-influenced islands of Aruba and Curacao. Here, dutch culture and architecture have merged with native culture and the beatiful tropical location to give unique towns. On this cruise, be prepared for a lot of white sand, sun and opportunities for snorkelling and diving!

 Colourful Dutch-style buildings in Willemstad
by Navin75 Flickr Creative Commons

The ship is Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas. If it's activity you want, it can provide- the Adventure has an ice-skating rink, rock climbing wall, mini golf course, fitness centre, pools and more, as well as a casino and theatre. More sedate options include a spa, art auctions, library and 24 hour room service. Eat in the main dining room or try a specialty restaurant!

For this and other April cruises, have a look at www.cruiseinapril.com.

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March Cruises

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March is a great time to visit South America, so consider this Argentina and Uruguay cruise over 7 nights in March 2012.

Leaving from Sao Paulo in Brazil on the 2nd of March, and visits the resort town of Punta del Este, and then the capital and largest city in fascinating Uruguay, Montevideo. Try a bit of Latin dancing while you're there! The last port of call is Buenos Aires, the incredibly lively capital of Argentina. The ship then returns to Brazil- and why not have a look around and experience some of the Brazilian lifestyle while you're there?

 Punta del Este
by Jimmy Baikovicius Flickr Creative Commons

The cruise takes place on the Vision of the Seas, aptly named due to it's thousands of windows which truly give a vision of the seas passing by! It has all the entertainment, dining options and service that Royal Caribbean is known for, and passengers love. A great feature on the Vision of the Seas is the Masquerade Theatre which shows some great contemporary musical stage productions.

To have a look at this and other great cruises in March, check out www.cruisesinmarch.com.

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February Cruises

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In February, why not take a classic cruise- in the hallowed cruising ground of the Caribbean. This Ultimate Caribbean cruise with Celebrity cruises is a good pick, taking in several islands over 10 nights, from February the 3rd to the 13th.

The Celebrity Equinox will take you to Charlotte Amalie in the U.S Virgin Islands, Basseterre on St. Kitts, Bridgetown on Barbados, Roseau on Dominica, and Philipsburg on St. Maarten. Leaving from and returning to Fort Lauderdale, this cruise will take you in and amongst some crystal-clear waters, palm trees, white sand, interesting towns and local cultures, and a whole lot of relaxing.

 Waters of the Caribbean
by Patrick Nouhailler Flickr Creative Commons

The ship is an experience in itself. Cruising with Celebrity will make you feel like a celebrity, with exceptional dining venues, luxurious interiors, real grass under your toes at the Lawn Club and a high standard of personal service. Celebrity Cruises are truly a class above, making days at sea just as amazing as those in port.

For these and other cruises in February, have a look at www.februarycruise.com.

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January Cruises

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January is summer down south- so here's a great January cruise from http://www.cruiseinjanuary.com/! Antarctica on Silversea's Silver Explorer will blow you away.

Itineraries for this adventure cruise are not fixed as places and times will fit in with the weather, but passengers on the luxurious Silversea ship can expect to see some amazing wildlife like whales, seals and orcas, and some incredible scenery- glaciers, icebergs, mountains and walls of ice. Passengers can venture ashore in sturdy rubber boats to be greeted by penguins and set foot on a part of the world that many people will never see. Experience the wilderness and stillness of our southern continent.

Penguins in Hope Bay
by Angell Williams Flickr Creative Commons

Silversea is a top-notch cruise line, and the Silver Explorer is tough on the outside, with a strengthened hull and ice-class notation, but pure luxury inside. Although smaller and mopre intimate than others, it has multiple dining venues, a show lounge, casino, spa and fitness facilities. All is included in your cruise fare- shore excursions, 24-hour room service, fine wines, beers, champagne and spirits, anything you need. It is truly a taste of the finer things in life!

More January cruises can be found here!

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2012 Cruises

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Here is a great cruise coming up this year- from March the 4th until April the 15th, cruise amongst the blossoming cherry trees of Japan and Asia in a unique Pacific cruise.

Cherry Blossoms
by John Morgan Flickr Creative Commons

This 2012 cruise also takes in the beautiful Whitsundays of Queensland, sunny holiday destination Bali, and the big cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Nagasaki and more. This is not you typical cruise of beaches and relaxation, although those things are included! If you love big cities and exciting cultures, the sights and sounds of Asia are sure to delight.

The Cherry Blossom cruise takes place on the Sea Princess, and has all the facilities needed to keep you entertained during sea days- 2 theatres and a Show Lounge, a casino, bars and lounges, art gallery and auctions, lectures and various classes, sports and pools.

To find out more about this and other 2012 cruises, have a look at http://www.cruisein2012.com/ and plan your cruise for the year!

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