Comfort food Chinese-Style on Crystal Serenity

Posted on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 |
Crystal Serenity is set to add dumplings, noodles and other chinese titbits to the menu.To be served in the casual Tastes Cafe, the food will include options that you might see on any table in China.

Although the food is simple, the menu has been extensively researched, with the food and beverage team visiting dumpling and noodle restaurants across Asia and planning the sourcing of ingredients and equipment for 18 months. Although not typically gourmet, it is designed as an alternative to Crystal's trademark fine dining and will strive for authenticity under the direction of Jennifer Pei Vun Lee, a Malaysian chef.

So if you have a 'chinese takeaway' moment next time you're on a Crystal cruise- there are options available!

by avlxyz Flickr Creative Commons

Author: Ryan Posa+

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