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July is getting into the height of summer in the northern hemisphere- so get in before the madness with this week-long port-filled cruise in the western Mediterranean.

The Liberty of the Seas leaves from Provence on the 1st of July, cruising the French Riviera to Nice, a gorgeous city, before arriving in Italy- the port of Livorno, which gives access to the incredible Florence, and the famous Pisa with it's leaning tower. If you love art, Florence is the place to be! The Eternal City of Rome is next, and needs no introduction, and then it is on to Naples, bafore heading across to Barcelona, where people flock for shopping on the Ramblas, eating and Anton Gaudi's architecture. The cruise finishes back in Provence on the 8th of July.

 Nice Harbour
by David Baron Flickr Creative Commons

Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas is the second addition to the freedom class of ships, with some unique features: a boxing ring, surf park, water park, ice skating rink, mini golf course and more. There is a spa to relax after a day in port, and a main dining room along with other complimentary casual options and specialty restaurants. There is entertainment galore- even live ice shows, and a Broadway production.

 Liberty of the Seas
by Roger Wollstadt Flickr Creative Commons

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