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For something different in September, have a look at this luxury 16-night Vancouver to Tokyo Cruise. Taking in the sights of the West and the East, it is certainly an experience  not to be forgotten!

Departing Vancouver on the 6th of September, the cruise takes in the dramatic, breathtaking landscapes of the Inside Passage and fjords of Alaska, stopping in the towns of Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Kodiak.Alaska is known for it's incredible scenery, and you won't be disappointed on this cruise. Expect deep fjords, beautiful waterfalls, amazing wildlife, and charming towns nestled in spectacular valleys. Next is an interesting cruise port- Petropavlosk on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The landscape is volcano-dotted and if you go ashore, you may see a brown bear- Kamchatka has the highest population of these worldwide. First stop in Japan is Hakodate, a city with an interesting history and very old buildings.Sendai, the city of trees, comes before Tokyo, where the cruise disembarks.

Juneau, Alaska
by Wendy Cutler Flickr Creative Commons

Hakodate, Japan
by hiroaki Flickr Creative Commons

Silversea is an all-suite, all inclusive cruise line, so any cruise with them is a luxury and an indulgence. This cruise takes place on the Silver Shadow, a ship with fewer guests, intimate service, large suites with butlers and sea views and exquisite, open-seating dining. This ship makes any cruise the cruise of a lifetime!

For this and other great cruises in September, have a look at!

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