The Love Boat!

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It's the great divide when it comes to cruising- (usually older) couples enjoying a sedate holiday, or crazy young singles out for a good time and a party. For Erin Picard and Todd O'Neill of Peabody, Massachussets, their cruise was somewhere in the middle.

In 2010, Erin was having a hard time working several jobs and looking after her sick grandmother when she took a cruise to Bermuda with a girlfriend- and met Todd. The two spent the whole cruise together, and now are engaged.  Erin's mother remembered receiving an overjoyed phone call from her daughter, telling her how amazing the ship, food and staff were, and that she had met the love of her life.

After they got engaged, Erin's mom emailed the cruise line just to share with them the happy story and it's great ending- and the line got in contact with them. After learning they weren't planning a honeymoon, Norwegian Cruise Lines offered Erin and Todd a 12-night Mediterranean cruise as a wedding gift. The cruise will take place onboard the Norwegian Spirit, the very ship where they first met.

A real story of love on a cruise ship! Great stuff, Norwegian Cruise Lines.

 Norwegian Spirit
by Purple Slog Flickr Creative Commons

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