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Cruising Milford, Doubtful and Dusky Sound (sounds like some of the names of the 7 dwarfs) is my one of my favourite cruise experiences. I cruised Fjordland on the Pacific Princess and it is probably because of this experience the Pacific Princess rates as my favourite ship.

It was a very calm morning when we arrived at the entrance of Milford Sound. Mist was rolling out of the sound, creating a very dramatic cruise experience that everyone who was up on deck that morning would never forget. Although it was a calm morning and in the NZ summer, it was very chilly up on deck so crew were there to hand out blankets to passengers who needed to warm up and they also were serving hot drinks, which was a nice touch.

As we went into the Sound, the beauty was simply breath taking and it is such a beautiful destination for scenic cruising, as it is scenic in the extreme- 15km of majestic mountains and cliffs dropping straight into the crystal-clear waters of the valley carved by glaciers. Stunning! It draws many visitors from all over the world each year, but isolation and geography mean that most see the sound by boat, and create little to no impact on the environment, leaving it unspoiled. Highlights are the magnificent Stirling Falls and soaring Mitre Peak at 1600m..

Our Millford Sound experience  was so special that a tender boat was lowered and the ships photographer boarded the tender craft to take photos of the ship and capture the experience. At the time I was working for Carnival Australia hosting a group of travel agents onboard so I was able to speak with him later that day and ask for copies of the photos. Unfortunately I did not get his name so can not credit him with these photos displayed below. I am sure you will agree they are stunning and capture that misty morning perfectly.

As the day went on the mist cleared and we were greeted with a clear blue sky. This made for the perfect day for scenic cruising Doubtful and Dusky Sound. They were equally as beautiful but without being so dramatic as Milford. However they gave more of a feeling of being untouched and less visited than Milford. As the day went on and the sun came out I remember lying in the pool (still working very hard) thinking I love cruising and what a great job I had.

Many cruise lines offer scenic cruising in Milford Sound so look for it on any itinerary that cruises to and around New Zealand before you book. It is important to point out that Milford Sound does possess the ability to disappoint. The weather in this region can be extreme and when it turns bad, making a visit by a cruise ship is not possible so the sounds can sometimes be missed because of weather.

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