Green Thunder Inaugurated- Are Australians Daredevils?

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Carnival Spirit is coming Down Under. She will be based in Sydney from October 2012, and Carnival has been making preparations for her hemisphere shift, with additions to make the ship more 'Aussie focused.'

 Carnival Spirit
by platibolo Flickr Creative Commons

One addition is already making a splash... literally. The Green Thunder, the steepest and fastest waterslide at sea, has been installed and was inaugurated in January, after it's name was chosen in a Facebook competition. Once you have stepped into the slide and reassured the attendant that you are sure you want to do this, the floor drops away and you freefall until the slide curves you out over the side of the ship then back in, at a breathtaking 65km/h.

For the kids, a huge bucket called the Power Drencher has been added to the water playzone to get them extra soaked. To stay warm and get the blood pumping, they can then try out the smaller and somewhat less nerve-wracking waterslide called the Twister.

What can you do with your Power Drenched and hyped-up kids after a morning at the waterpark? Leave them with the staff at Camp Carnival and go in search of Serenity, of course! Another addition to the ship is the adult's only area, Serenity. On deck 9, this is comprised mainly of places to relax- chaise lounges, hammocks, chairs and other sitting/lying options, as well as a bar and a whirlpool.

These changes are very exciting for anyone planning to sail on the Carnival Spirit (despite Carnival's subtle suggestion that we down here are crazy thrill seekers who hate children!) and will make for an exciting cruise atmosphere. If you are looking to cruise from Sydney next summer, make sure you have a look at the many Carnival Spirit cruises. Also, keep a look out on here in the next few weeks for pictures as I get a first-hand look at the Green Thunder when I sail on Carnival Spirit on the 25th of March from San Diego.

Author: Ryan Posa+

Dreaming of a Cunard Wedding

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Cunard is all about luxury, glamour and nostalgia for the days of the great ocean liners unhurriedly crossing oceans and getting passengers to their destinations in stately style. Service is first-class, food is impeccable and style abounds- the perfect atmosphere not only for a holiday, but for the wedding of your dreams. Cunard is now, after 171 years of plying the seas, offering passengers the chance to exchange vows and celebrate in style onboard.

 by Gary Bembridge Flickr Creative Commons

Starting this year, wedding packages will be available which include a ceremony performed by the captain, flowers and cake, traditional music, a bottle of Veuve Cliquot, the services of a wedding co-coordinator, and numerous other details right down to the invitations and thank you cards. Couples will have a wedding that is easy and stress-free with most things organised for them, and capture the romance of a traditional sea voyage- imagine Rose and Jack on the Titanic, without the tragic ending.

 by Allen Flickr Creative Commons

The wedding initiative has been made possible by a re-flagging of the fleet- they are now registered in Hamilton,  Bermuda rather than Southampton. Ships flagged under the U.K are not allowed to offer wedding except in port, but this move means that Cunard is free to do so- but can still fly the red ensign as Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory.

See here for Cunard cruises.

Author: Ryan Posa+