Retire at Sea?

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Most retirees can't afford the minimum $1 million entry price for a suite on a condominium cruise ship like The World, a ship full of luxury private residences at sea which continuously circumnavigates the globe. What a lifestyle that would be! However, for retired cruise lovers there are ways to maximise your time at sea.

When not working, you are freed up to take advantages of the best deals whenever they may arise- no worrying about busy periods at work, school holidays and the like which narrow many people's options severely. You can take advantage of last-minute deals- Cruise Sale Finder often has as much as 70% off cruises as departure date nears, and with reduced responsibilities, these deals are perfect for retirees. Imagine the excitement of booking a cruise that departs in two weeks! Repositioning cruises are often cheaper, and allow for a wider range of sights and experiences as the ship moves between two parts of the world. The opportunities for retirees are endless!

Another option is a world cruise. Anyone working is unlikely to have the time for this, but for those retired who have the cash- and these are very reasonably priced- a world cruise would be an incredible experience. These can take up to 1/3 of the year, so you could even do a short-term let on your house to recoup some costs! Here are some world cruises- this one even leaves from Sydney! Some cruises are very long but do not quite do a full circumnavigation, like this Grand Exotic Expedition.

The opportunities are endless when you are retired- cheaper cruises, longer cruises and varied destinations. make your retirement amazing by spending time at sea!

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