Venice Cruise Port

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Venice's cruise terminal is located on Tronchetto Island in the northwest of the city. Ferries and hydrofoils also leave from here, making it a bustling waterway. Many of the cruise companies offer a free shuttle to the terminal from Piazzale Roma, and a private taxi from there takes around 5 minutes. Bus Line 6 also goes very close to the Cruise Terminal.

 Ship Visiting Venice
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The city of Venice needs no introduction- it is widely hailed as a place of beauty, art and romance. Instead of honking cars on dusty streets, it has gondolas paddled on canals by gorgeous Italians. Visit the Piazza San Marco, home to many amazing churches, buildings and galleries. See some amazing glasswork on the islands of Murano, or shop for a genuine venetian mask. Tour the city from the water and marvel at the engineering of a city built on a lagoon, or wander the streets and piazzas to spot artisans, architecture and find great gelaterias and pizzerias!

Have a look here for cruises departing from Venice and more information on the Venice Cruise Terminal.

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