Welcome to Sydney, Cruisers!

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During the Olympics in Sydney, friendly and knowledgeable local ambasadors greeted visitors and gave them tips and information that they would need to navigate the city. Now, the concept has been rebirthed for cruise passengers arriving in Sydney.

Volunteers have begun training with the city council, and the programme began with the ms Oosterdam's debut in Sydney on the 24th of October. The passengers disembarking were met with the smiling faces of the volunteer team, and Carnival CEO Ann Sherry says that the programme is a fantastic way to let international visitors to the country feel welcome. The volunteers answer any questions passengers might have, provide maps of the city and give tips about where to eat and shop. One told the Herald Sun that she was a volunteer for the Olympics and enjoyed the buzz and interaction it brought, as well as providing a warm welcome for visitors, so did not hesitate to do it again.

So if you're cruising in to Sydney this summer, have a look for the friendly orange-clad volunteers!

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Summer Cruise Draw

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Celebrity Cruises in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

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So far in the naming of godmothers for their Solstice-class ships, Celebrity Cruises have honoured strong and impressive women who have achieved much despite being affected by the blow that is breast cancer. The godmother of the Solstice herself is Professor Sharon Smith, an oceanographer with an amazing career who has overcome breast and uterine cancer. The Celebrity Equinox is watched over by Nina Barough, founder of the the 'Walk the Walk' breast cancer charity, and the Celebrity Eclipse by the yachtswoman Emma Pontin whose incredible sailing achievements were interrupted with a fight with breast cancer. The godmother of the  Celebrity Silhouette is a high-level US travel agent, Michelle Morgan, who has been struck with the disease twice- when both she and her mother were diagnosed.

Celebrity Solstice
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 The line has a long history of supporting the breast cancer cause, having hosted a fundraising event in 2008, then sponsoring a "Celebrity Sunwalk" in association with Nina Barough's charity. Celebrity has recently become an official corporate sponsor of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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Following in this tradition, Celebrity has named the godmothers of its latest ship, the Celebrity Reflection. Not only are they honouring those affected by breast cancer, but they are honouring their own, having chosen four employees of the company to watch over this vessel. Jovanka Goronjic is a spa manager whose mother was struck by cancer. Jovanka supported her mother through treatment and donated her hair for wigs for those enduring chemotherapy. Megan Mathie also works onboard the ships, as a glassblowing artist. Both her mother and sister have battled the disease, and Megan and her team now host a 'Hot Pink Glass Show' every cruise to raise funds for the Research Foundation. The other two godmothers have shore-based roles in the company. Helen O'Connell manages Community Relations and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Rosey Rodriguez manages the Special Events Team who was diagnosed this year, taking laptops to treatments so she could continue work!

The Celebrity reflection will be officially named on December 1st this year in Miami and all Solstice Class godmothers will be present, making for an amazing group of women!

Author: Ryan Posa+