School's Out!

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School holidays are peak times for cruising, with cruise-loving families taking the opportunity to get out on the water. Kids can have fun in  he Kids Club programmes whilst adults relax, and there is plenty of time to spend as a family too. Ships fill up quickly for this period,. and the fact that many cruise lines set a limit for the number of children that are allowed onboard only adds to this. P&O restricts the number of young ones so that all are guaranteed a place in the kid's programme, and no amount of promising that your kids don't want to be in it will get in if the child allocation is full.

if you don't have kids, and don't mind there being a few on your cruise, school holidays are a good time to book too- while the spots for children are in hot demand, once they are filled the cruise line may have trouble filling the rest of the ship so deals are often available.

Have a look at term dates for Australia and New Zealand, and use Cruise Sale Finder's advanced search to find the right cruise!

What does this mean for you? The consultants at Cruise Republic recommend that you book 8-12 months in advance to get on a school holiday cruise with your family, so if you are considering it, get in touch now!

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