The Love Boat To Be Scrapped?

Posted on Monday, December 3, 2012 |
The Love Boat, much loved TV show from the 70s and 80s, starred Princess Cruises' Pacific Princess. She appeared in the opening credits and in most episodes, the term 'Love Boat' becoming synonymous with that particular Princess.

Unfortunately for the fans of 'The Love Boat," its sailing may have come to an end- the Pacific Princess, known now as the Pacific, is likely to be scrapped. It was sold by Princess Cruises in 2002, and began operating for Pullmanter Cruises in Spain and the Caribbean, then CVC in Brazil and Quail Cruises in Spain during their respective summers.

The ship has been stationary in Genoa, Italy for 2 years after being seized by the Italian Coast Guard- apparently due to a non-payment of debt issue. On the 6th of March, it was announced that the ship had been sold to a Turkish company that specialises in ship demolition- most probably signalling the end of the Love Boat! A sad end for such a well-recognised ship.

Author: Ryan Posa+

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