Round-The-World on the Dawn Princess: Would You Do it?

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What does a round-the-world cruise involve? Not a race to circumnavigate the globe, but nigh on a third of the year spent at the relaxed pace of life on board a cruise ship, awaking to ocean vistas or exotic ports each morning. These cruises which began with Cunard's Laconia in 1922, are a true getaway and an opportunity to see the world from a watery perspective.

Most world cruise last from 100-120 days, and although some don't literally go around the world, they hit a huge variety of different ports in different continents. These cruises are seeing a revival with lots of people signing up for the relaxing holiday of a lifetime. They're not for everyone, mind you- it is a long time to take off work, and they do involve a lot of sea days which will cause some restlessness for those not skilled in the art of relaxing. However, just imagine being completely free of cooking, cleaning and dishes for 3-4 months! Seniors are obvious candidates for these cruises as they have the freedom to up and leave for a long period, but workers who just need a break are also picking up on the trend. Taking a sabbatical to see the world is made easy when you only have to unpack once!

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A great world cruise for Australians and Kiwis is this cruise on the Dawn Princess, leaving in May 2014. What better way to avoid the winter? Leaving from and returning to Sydney, this one indeed does circumnavigate the globe over 104 nights with 40 ports of call, some of which the ship visits for more than one day.

From Sydney, the ship makes its way up the coast of Australia with a stop at Brisbane, then into Asia with stops at Singapore, Yangon, Colombo and Mumbai. After 2 days at Dubai, there is a brief African interlude with stops at Port Said and Luxor in Egypt and a trip through the Suez Canal. Three weeks are then spent in the Mediterranean, with visits to all the major coastal cities and some wonderful minor ones also. After a call in to Cobh in Ireland comes the transatlantic crossing, ending in Boston. The cruise stops in bustling New York before heading to the Caribbean, favourite cruising grounds of Americans. There are a few tropical and exotic port calls there, including Santa Lucia, then it is through the Panama Canal and down the South American coast to Callao. The ship then has a leisurely voyage through the many wonderful and interesting islands of the Pacific (including the Easter Islands) before returning to Sydney.

A simplified itinerary map

3 weeks in the Med? Yes!
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Boston awaits across the Big Blue
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'But why,' you may ask, 'would I want to spend that long on a boat?' Any cruise lover could tell you that a cruise ship is not just any boat- and the Dawn Princess certainly isn't. Princess Cruise Line is widely regarded as one of the best mid-range lines. Whilst not in the high-end luxury category, the line is affordable and not lacking in luxurious touches. In fact, their latest addition, the Royal Princess, was christened by none other than the human Royal Princess, Duchess Kate! The Dawn Princess has all of the cruise ship essentials which will keep you occupied when at sea- pool, gym, organised activities, enrichment programmes, bars, casino and show lounge amongst others. As with most Princess ships, she has a multi-million dollar art collection, a big screen for Movies Under The Stars, an elegant library and elegant decor. Her point of difference is that she is set up for Australasian cruisers- Australian Dollars used onboard and vegemite served at breakfast, what more could an antipodean wish for? The best aspect of a trip of this length is the community- passengers get to know each other and make great friends, often keeping in touch once the cruise has ended. 

Dawn Princess

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