The Love Boat's Last Fling

Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 |
The Pacific Princess has been known and adored by many as "The Love Boat" from the 1970s television show by the same name. This month, after years of being decommissioned, it took its final journey- sailing to the Aegean Sea to be scrapped. This marks the end of an era for fans of the show which put a spotlight on cruising and sparked an interest in cruise ships as a way to holiday.

The Pacific Princess began life as the Sea Venture in 1971, sailing for Flagship Cruises. She joined Princess's fleet in 1975, and soon after began to serve as the set for "The Love Boat," which went on the air in 1977. The show was a well-loved comedy which told the story of love affairs between crew and passengers as the ship sailed between California and the Mexican Riviera. The show is credited with widening the market for cruise holidays (which was viewed solely as an activity for the "newly wed and nearly dead") and ran for nine seasons. The Pacific Princess became synonymous with "The Love Boat" during that time, and there will be many who are sad to see her go!

The 640-passenger ship operated as part of the Princess Cruises fleet until 2002, after which she had a stint with Pullmantur and then CVC before being seized and put out of action in 2008 due to debts owing. She was sold in 2012 to a ship-breaking company in Turkey. Her last journey took place at the beginning of August 2013, ending in an unceremonious arrival in the Turkish breaking yard after taking on water during the trip and requiring help from tugboats.

The Pacific Princess circa 1978

Although the original Pacific Princess will soon be nothing but scrap metal, her legacy lives on in the new Pacific Princess which joined the fleet in 2002 to replace her. Cruising has moved on since the days of "The Love Boat," with bigger ships, more amenities and modern touches- but the older Pacific Princess will forever be fondly remembered as an icon amongst older cruise lovers.

Cruises on the new Pacific Princess can be found here!

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