All Aboard for Tahiti

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Just the name 'Tahiti' evokes an image of balmy tropical islands, white sand and clear water. It is all this and more- the name refers not only to the largest island in French Polynesia, but often also to the country made up of the 118 islands. Both Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia are some of the most beautiful in the Pacific, with rugged green mountains meeting crystal seas, palm trees fringing the spectacular beaches.

Papeete Port

Huahine Beach

Despite being somewhat isolated in the South Pacific between New Zealand and South America, Tahiti's popularity as a cruise port is rising. Discerning cruisers deem the extra time to reach the archipelago worth the wonderful views and experiences they offer, and cruise lines are taking notice! Tahiti has two specialist cruise lines which cruise out of Papeete. The small-ship luxury line Paul Gauguin Cruises offers specialised cruises, and their shallow-drafted ships can get up close and personal with the more obscure Tahiti destinations. The Aranui 3 is a freighter which serves a dual purpose by taking cargo and passengers around the small islands and villages surrounding Tahiti. These two lines can offer some very in-depth cruising, as well as a wealth of knowledge about the area, its natural and social history and the people.

Aranui 3

As well as the specialised Tahiti cruise lines, mainstream cruise lines are upping their Tahiti time as they set itineraries for the months to come. Princess has always maintained a presence in French Polynesia, but is increasing it in 2013 and 2014. The Ocean Princess has a number of 10-night Tahiti and South Pacific cruises planned, departing from Papeete. This allows passengers to experience and explore the island individually by land before or after the cruise. The Pacific Princess will also be seen in Tahiti in January and February of 2014.

Royal Caribbean is another of the major cruise lines which is planning some stops in French Polynesia, as part of their transpacific itineraries. The small luxury lines Silversea and Regent Seven Seas are also planning to join the line up in 2014 with several port stops in Tahiti.

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Silver Discoverer to Join Silversea Expedition Fleet

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Silversea' s fleet of luxury small cruise ships is set to expand, with the line announcing the purchase and planned refurbishment of the former Clipper Odyssey, to be named the Silver Discoverer. The ship will begin sailing for the line in March 2014.

The Clipper Odysey, soon to be Silver Discoverer.

The ship carries 128 passengers, and it will join the line's 2 expedition vessels, tackling the more adventurous itineraries and destinations. The Silversea Expeditions website indicates that the Silver Discoverer will run expedition cruises in the South Pacific, Australasia and Southeast Asia. As with the other Silversea expedition vessels, she will visit small ports which big-ship lines are unable to access, offering very in-depth explorations of exciting destinations such as Indonesia, tropical northern Australia, Japan and Russia, and New Zealand and its isolated outlying territories- the Chatham Islands, Bounty Islands, Antipodes Islands and more.

Silversea ships are always fitted out and staffed to a very high standard, as befits their reputation as an all-inclusive luxury cruise line. The Silver Discoverer will be no exception! All accommodations will be spacious and have ocean views, and all suites have butler service. All-inclusive means no tipping, and complimentary wine, beer and spirits as well as soft drinks throughout the ship and in-suite. Shore tours are wonderfully adventurous and also included in the cruise fare, made hugely interesting with the help of expert expedition teams to guide you through the destinations before and after landing with lectures, discussions and tour guiding. Dining onboard is open-seating and always gourmet!

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