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Posted on Thursday, November 28, 2013 |
Captain's Club is Celebrity Cruises' rewards program for frequent cruisers. It offers additional benefits to those who are loyal to the Celebrity way of cruising, giving credits for time spent cruising which can earn things like exclusive events, category upgrades, discounts, free services and more- depending on the category which the passengers has reached. The most loyal win free cruises! Celebrity has recently expanded the program to offer more benefits and streamline the system for earning credits, now called Club Points.

Previously, the system included four tiers: Preview, Classic, Select and Elite. Celebrity has added 2 new tiers, these being called Elite Plus and Zenith. The Club Points minimums for each tier are as follows:

Preview: 0
Classic: 2
Select: 150
Elite: 300
Elite Plus: 750
Zenith: 3,000

Points are now earned based not only on how many cruises passengers have completed, but on the number of nights spent aboard and on stateroom category. Longer cruises and higher stateroom categories will rack up points much faster!

Celebrity Equinox

Of course, the most important part of any rewards program is the rewards! These obviously get better as one progresses through the tiers. 'Preview' rewards are not really rewards at all, just a preview of what is to come. Enrolment in the Captain's Club means receiving a newsletter with Celebrity and Club news, and access to the Captain's Club area of the website which outlines the program. This is all available before going on a Celebrity cruise.

Classic Tier benefits include access to an exclusive Captain's Club event onboard, selected category upgrades, a free gelato and discounts on an internet package. On top of these, Select tier members receive further discounts, complimentary garment pressing, priority embarkation, a wine seminar and admittance to the Senior Officers' Cocktail Party.

Elite members, on top of the previously-mentioned benefits, are also offered access to the Captain's Club lounge for exclusive breakfast every morning, and a daily evening Cocktail Hour. A complimentary internet package is also available to the Elite passengers, along with a free dryclean and laundry and an invitation to tea. Elite Plus passengers earn a longer internet package, discounts on beverage packages and specialty restaurants, a private shipboard departure lounge, more free laundry services and free specialty coffees.

With 3,000 or more Club Points, Zenith members enjoy plenty of benefits and are treated as VIPs onboard! Along with the benefits of the lower tiers, they get increased free internet and laundry services, bigger discounts on specialty dining (25% off), a free beverage package, priority embarkation and priority seating in the theatre, luggage valet service and upgraded bath amenities. The best reward at this level, however, is a free 7-night cruise! Every extra 3,000 points earns another cruise.

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