Scenic River Cruising- Cruise Through Europe

Posted on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 |
Cruise Sale Finder has recently welcomed another cruise line to the site- Scenic River Cruising by Scenic Tours.

The cruises include itineraries on the rivers of Europe, the most popular being "Jewels of Europe" which begins in Budapest, the stunning capital of  Hungary. It then heads northwest through several countries and numerous cities, disembarking in Amsterdam. Additions to this cruise are also available in the form of days spent in Prague and Paris at the beginning and end of the cruise, with road or train transfers to and from the ship. The trip is 14 nights long (20 with the extras) and it travels the rivers Rhine, Main and Danube. Other itineraries include various journeys in the south of France and the "Romantic Rhine and Moselle River" cruise between Zurich and Amsterdam.

The river cruises are not only scenic, they are all-inclusive! In this case, they really mean it- all meals and drinks, gratuities, airport transfers, shore excursions, special events and activities are included in the price of the cruise. The only reason you might need to reach into your wallet is to buy the occasional souvenir, as you will want to remember the amazing cities you are passing through. These cruises are the very definition of luxury, with 84% of staterooms and suites in possession of a private balcony, and private butler service for all passengers. Wireless internet access is complimentary, and all accommodations have flat-screen TVs and Mac mini infotainment systems. Gourmet treats are served at every restaurant on board which range from formal to al fresco casual.

A river cruise is an amazing way to holiday, mixing the convenience of cruising with the adventure and reach of a land-based tour. Leaving the ocean behind and heading inland means many more places to visit and explore, all without having to unpack and repack between each destination!

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