Malaysia Developments on the Horizon

Posted on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 |
Malaysia is not usually listed on many mainstream itineraries and is often overlooked by cruise lines and their big ships. However, this beautiful southeast Asian nation is under the spotlight as a new development is planned which will put it on the cruise map for sure.

Royal Caribbean is one of the investors in the Melaka Gateway project, an undertaking which will involve the building of a new cruise terminal, a theme park, a hotel and many more attractions. The 900 metre long cruise dock will accommodate up to three ships and will have direct connections to the rest of the Melaka Gateway area and the city of Melaka/Malacca.

Proposed development

Lying behind the man-made modern glory of the proposed gateway is the city of Malacca which offers a delightful contrast. The city centre is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its years of Portugese, Dutch and British rule have given it a rich history and culture. It has many beautiful old churches, plentiful museums and traditional markets.


Keep an eye on this exciting new cruise destination! It is expected to be completed in 2025.

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