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Posted on Monday, March 24, 2014 |
Travel insurance can be one of those things which goes forgotten in the excitement leading up to a cruise. Although cruising is, relatively, an extremely safe way to travel, things can go wrong and one of the most likely scenarios is that someone will get sick onboard.

The Sydney Morning Herald recently told the tale of a passenger who was hit with a $1700 bill after falling sick and spending time in the ship's medical centre. She assumed that Medicare would cover her whilst on a domestic cruise, but this is often not the case- be warned! Cruise line operators have spoken up to say that there is not an expectation to have Medicare providers onboard, and in fact many of their medical staff are foreign and do not have provider numbers. This is due to cruise ship employees being contracted on a global basis in this global industry.

Always ensure that you are insured before getting onboard, even for a domestic cruise! Did you know that you can get insurance along with your cruise from our consultants at Cruise Sale Finder? This can be done by talking to the consultant while or after booking, and also via the below online form which will generate a quote.

Next time you cruise, make sure you are covered!

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